The extraordinary history of coffee is filled with delight, devotion, intolerance, and intrigue. Exactly where and when coffee was first cultivated is debated, but botanical evidence confirms that Coffea Arabica originated on the plateaus of central Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), several thousand feet above sea level. Coffee trees still grow wild there in the shade of the canopies of the highland forests.

The name “Coffee” is believed by many to have derived from the Ethiopian region of Kaffe, others claim it originated in Yemen where the Arabic term “Gahwaw”, for “strength”, “fitness”, or “that which prevents sleep “ was bestowed on the magical beverage.

Explore the twists and turns of the plot of this fascinating bean. Each month Incasa Coffee will make another post to this blog with details on the topics listed below.

The ones that are published will show up in this scrolling list. Future post topics appear below.

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  1. Eileen Callahan Says:

    Hi Sweetie! I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the growth of yr site. This new format looks professionally terrific, and the content/tags/ links are flushed out in ways that are wonderfully inviting to the reader/browser — and, hopefully, to the trade.

    Congratulations on a job well done!

    Miss seeing you next door,

    Yr Pal,


  2. wing lee Says:

    Thank for the revealing of coffee

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